Evelyn is a BAFTA nominated animator and recent graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design. She is an interdisciplinary artist with a focus on stop-motion and hand-drawn animation, and expresses an interest in layering her work with recognizable media, such as pencil, marker, ink droplettes and sand. She has a background in dance and often subconsciously uses that knowledge to choreograph movement in her work. She grew up in the small town of Las Cruces, New Mexico and has since then had her work featured internationally and has worked on professional film sets.

Contact me: eross@alumni.risd.edu

Check out my resumé: RESUME

•1st RISD Place Graphic Design Stop Motion Competition, 2012
•Foundations Department Show, Woods Gerry, Providence RI, 2012
•Las Cruces Young Artist Show, Museum of Art, Las Cruces, NM, 2010
•Graphic Design Show, Woods Gerry, Providence RI, 2015
•Showcased on RISD Porfolios, 2014
•Featured on Loopdeloop.org, 2015
•Selected animation "Looped" was screened at LOOP in Melbourne, Australia, 2015
•Image Landscapes, Gelman Gallery, Providence RI, 2015
•"Adam" won Best Animation, Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, 2016
•"Adam" won Best Stop Motion/Animation, Berlin Flash Film Festival, 2017

•"Adam" won Best Animation, Ivy Film Festival, 2017